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 Floor Maintenance

Instruction on how to maintain your new floor!

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Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

At Tradesman, we recommend damp mopping your hardwood flooring with 1 part white vinegar to 10 parts water, You do not want to flood the floor with any liquid, including this solution. The goal is to mop the floor as dry as possible.
While there are several cleaners on the market, we recommend the water and vinegar solution because some cleaners may have a wax product in them. This wax will cause a build up on your hardwood floors. It can create a shine that you may think is desirable but, it walks off incredibly quick, leaving you in an endless cycle of reusing the chemical to recreate the shine. The only way to fix this once it is done, is to refinish the flooring. There are some safe cleaners on the market. If you have polyurethane finish, you want to be sure that the product is recommended for polyurethane. If the product claims to revive shine, it is not safe for polyurethane.

For wax floors, we still recommend vinegar and water. These other wax products are a different formulation than we use here at Tradesman and may not allow our wax to adhere to the product the way we like.

You should get several maintenance-free years out of a polyurethane floor. It is difficult to say just how many years because everyone's traffic load on their floors is different. Once you have a suspicion that the floor may be worn, call Tradesman for a FREE estimate and we can advise you on whether or not it is time for a screen and coat.

A screen and coat is a one day process where we add a layer of polyurethane to your floor. This will build more protection for your floor and may take care of some light scratches.

If you have a wax finish, it is recommend that we clean and wax your floor every 6 months to a year, depending on traffic. While this process does have to be done more often, it is not required to move furniture and rugs each time, as we can wax traffic areas only.

Carpet Maintenance

Typical vacuuming is great for maintaining your carpet. A deeper shampoo is recommended as needed. Most carpets are warrantied against damage from any shampoos. Carpet is a floor with one of the shorter life-spans, as compared to some other floor coverings but, when maintained well, it can last a long time and look beautiful in your home.

Laminates, LVP's, LVT's, Vinyl Maintenance

These floors can be maintained in a similar fashion to a hardwood floor. There are some differences though. In general, the LVP's, LVT's, and vinyl are waterproof. We still never suggest you flood them while you mop because other items in the home, such as your trim, could be damaged. These floors can be cleaned with a white vinegar and water solution, or any approved cleaner. We still do not suggest any cleaner that leaves a residue or claims to restore shine.

These cleaners will create a shine across your floor but it will walk off in your heavy traffic areas and begin to create a routine maintenance problem for you

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