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Follow these simple steps to prepare for our arrival

How To Prepare For Tradesman Custom Flooring

Once you have chosen Tradesman Custom Flooring LLC as your flooring contractor, there are some steps you can take to prepare that will make the entire process more pleasant for everyone. Tradesman will ALWAYS be polite to you and your home.

Dust Containment

1) Tradesman suggests that the homeowner take dust containment precautions. (This is not necessary in most cases for carpet installation) By this, we mean that we suggest the homeowners take the time to hang plastic, cover cold air returns and tape the seams of their cabinets. All plastic must be hung tight. If we are refinishing your hardwood and the plastic is not tight, it will get sucked up into the machines. All plastic must be off of the floor. We can't work on the floor if the plastic is actually touching the flooring. If the homeowner does not want to, or can not actually do it, Tradesman will be glad to hang plastic for you. If Tradesman hangs plastic, we do not accept any responsibility for the peeling of paint or wall paper due to tape (although we do use approved painter's tapes that rarely peel on any surface). We also can not guarantee the effectiveness of the dust containment. We do try our best to contain the dust but some may escape.

Furniture/Appliance Removal

2) Unless other arrangements have been made, all furniture and appliances must be removed before the job can be started. We also suggest that wall hangings be taken down because the vibrations from the work being done can sometimes knock things down. Tradesman can move furniture for an additional cost but, arrangements must be made prior to the job starting so that we can make sure to have adequate man-power on the job to move the required items.

Power Source

3) Tradesman will need access to a few things while working in your home. For the length of the project, Tradesman will need access to a restroom for the workers. We will also be using the homeowner's electricity. This may include 110v and 220v electric. Tradesman needs 110v during all phases of work. If you are having your hardwood sanded and refinished, during the sanding process we will also need access to 220v electricity. This is easiest obtained if the home is equipped with an electric dryer or an electric stove, however, power can be obtained directly from the breaker box, if necessary.

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